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  • De baile Decote V Longos Tule Vestido de noiva com Renda lantejoulas

    R$ 1.101,00

  • De Baile/Princesa Decote V Longos Tule Vestido de noiva com Beading lantejoulas

    R$ 856,00

  • De baile Amada Longos Tule Vestido de noiva com Pregueado Cintos Beading Apliques de Renda fecho de correr

    R$ 924,00

  • De baile Amada Longos Cetim Organza de Vestido de noiva com Pregueado Renda Beading

    R$ 880,00

  • De baile Off-the-ombro Longos Tule Vestido de noiva com Pregueado Renda Beading lantejoulas

    R$ 977,00

  • De baile Decote redondo Longos Organza de Vestido de noiva com Pregueado Beading lantejoulas

    R$ 929,00

De baile Decote redondo Longos Tule Vestido de noiva com Renda Beading Apliques de Renda lantejoulas #81895

Vestidos de noiva

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R$ 872,00
  • Tamanho sob medida

    Procurando o Vestido Perfeito? Por mais R$ 80,00, os nossos costureiros irão usar as suas medidas exactas para criar um vestido confeccionado-ao-Pedido apenas para si.

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Feito sob encomenda
Feito sob encomenda
Período de Confecção: 10-12 dias + Tempo de Envio: 2-6 Dias * Envio: 2-6 Dias
* Expedição normal: 3-8 Dias
* Envio: 2-6 Dias
* Expedição normal: 3-8 Dias
* Expedição com super desconto: 10-30 Dias

Este Vestido é Confeccionado-à-Medida. Tanto escolha tamanho padrão como medidas personalizadas, os nossos costureiros fazem cada vestido para cada pedido específico.

Este Vestido é Confeccionado-à-Medida. Tanto escolha tamanho padrão como medidas personalizadas, os nossos costureiros fazem cada vestido para cada pedido específico.

Não Se Preocupe Com Devoluções
Devoluções sem preocupações estão disponíveis para tamanhos padrão dentro de 7 dias. Tamanhos personalizados são venda final. Veja mais detalhes


Procurando pelo tamanho perfeito? Verifique o nosso Guia de Medidas para encontrar as suas medidas exatas, e use o nosso serviço de Confecionamento por Medida para obter um vestido personalizado ao seu corpo.

Código do Produto #81895 Silhueta De Baile/Princesa
Decote Decote redondo Comprimento Longos
Tecido Tule Embelezamento Renda, Beading, Apliques de Renda, lantejoulas
Estilo de costas Zipper nas costas totalmente Forrado sim
Soutien embutido sim Armação Interior sim
Côr Mostrada Marfim Tamanho Geral, Mais
Temporada Primavera, Outono Local do casamento Igreja
Tamanho do modelo de vestido US 2 / UK 6 / EU 32 Informações do modelo Altura:5.7ft Busto:32in Cintura:23in Quadris:34in
Mangas & Sem Alça Alças Largas
O vestidos não inclui nenhum dos acessórios na foto, como a jaqueta, luvas, véu, bolsa, etc. Você pode entrar em contato conosco para pedir os acessórios separadamente.
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Itens mais vendidos


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Me encantan sus vestidos e hicieron de mi un día hermoso el día de mi Boda



When I ordered my wedding dress online I was terrified, who knows if the reviews are real? who knows what the quality will actually be like? what if the size is completely wrong? Just so many thins to worry about! But when it arrived and I tried it on for the first time I was so incredibly happy!! It was pretty much perfect! It was a little small but that was my fault for not sticking to my diet so I got the zip-up back altered to a lace-up, I also got a few tucks here and there, the hem taken up as I was wearing flats on the day and some of the beading removed from under the arms just for my own comfort. With all the alterations the total cost was still below $500 so it's an absolute bargain for a wedding dress!
It's a great product and I had no issues along the way, the quality is very good and you'd find the same thing on the rack of any dress shop. (My dressmaker actually thought I had bought it from one of the upmarket dress stores in town where dresses are usually $8000!)
10/10 would definitely recommend this dress (or any dress on JJ'sHouse) to all brides on a budget, just make sure you give yourself enough time for it to be made & delivered as well as for any alterations you may need. (it took mine 5 weeks from ordering to delivery plus another 3 weeks of alterations)


The dress is beautiful, I was afraid to buy online,but I got what I expected. I'm happy


We received my daughters lovely ball gown yesterday and my husband and I were completely overwhelmed of its beauty. It was true to size and the fabric was excellent. Good thing I ordered the petticoat because we wanted the full skirt and the detail was amazing. You will have to have your dress steamed due to the packaging but it came in great condition and 2 weeks early. I would suggest JJ'sHouse to anyone looking to buy a gown at the fraction of the cost of your bridal stores and boutiques. They also have wonderful customer service. Thank you JJ'sHouse!


Absolutely beautiful dress made with great attention to detail :) comfortable not heavy just right. Really chuffed with my choice and been complemented all night by the wedding guests;) thank you jjshouse!


I was very happy with the dress, the quality is very good and it arrived quickly (definitely before estimated time). It needs some alterations as it's too wide in the waist, but all the other measurements were fine and the lenght was perfect. It needs a petticoat if you want it to look like the one in the picture, but it's easy to buy. I can definitely recommend this dress and jjshouse!


Beställde storlek 40 och den satt perfekt. Kvalitén va långt över förväntan!

Veldig fornøyd, rask levering!

I got my wedding dgown today and it was early than I expected. I did not fit it yet until on my wedding day, cos of some previous beliefs in my country. But I love the fabric and and style it looks so elegant. I can't wait to wear it. and the shoes that i ordered wow it fit my size.
I will add the picture after my wedding.