Senhoras Elegante Strass/Liga/Falso pérola Diademas com Strass/Pérola Veneziano
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Senhoras Elegante Strass/Liga/Falso pérola Diademas com Strass/Pérola Veneziano #138720

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Código do Produto #138720 Categoria Diademas
Ocasião Casamento, Ocasião especial Materiais Strass, Liga, Falso pérola
Gemas Strass, Pérola Veneziano Comprimento 12.60"(Aproximado 32cm)
Largura 2.36"(Aproximado 6cm) Uso Outras
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Itens mais vendidos


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Pepoimentos sobre o produto

4.9 (Baseado em 14 Opiniões)
Escreve um depoimento

I was so torn what kind of headpiece I wanted for my wedding, but with my whole blood family disowning me only months before my wedding, my mother-in-law wanted me to go "full princess". And when I was at David's Bridal the lady working "with" me refused to let me try on any tiaras there because they were just too expensive to get my hopes up I guess (so I obviously got my wedding dress from this amazing website as well after being treated so horribly @ DB) . So I literally had no idea how big/tall or what style I wanted in a tiara and what looked good on me. Needless to say, I was excited to see how cheap but beautiful the headpieces are on here. So I literally ordered my top 3 choices, all different heights and styles so I didn't have to worry! Though I still couldn't decide come my wedding day, so I brought all 3 to my fabulous gay hair stylist and he picked this one out like it was no competition and I think he was right for picking this one! Absolutely wonderful!


Vraiment beau


This tiara meets and exceeds expectations. Real bang for your buck. I liked the different stones that it has, from crystals to pearls. I greatly recommend this product.


It looks exactly like the pictures and it sits really well without hurting my head

I love this tiara! Looks perfect for my wedding!

Fast shipping and great quality !!

Beautiful!!! It is the perfect size and the beads are very pretty.

Totally love it
Better than i imagined
Can't wait to wear it on my wedding day

Great value for what I paid for! I've seen things similar for SO MUCH more money. I'm so excited to wear it!

This hair jewelry is gorgeous.I will be wearing it as a Princess Bride at my wedding.
A perfect accessory.